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Each podcast is different, but here’s what you’ll want to consider when you’re thinking about editing.

Everybody who has a podcast has to deal with the task of editing. This may range from simply trimming the start and finish of a single audio clip through to performing a detailed edit on multiple audio channels where you are removing or rearranging parts of the audio.

Each podcast is different. What follows below is the process that I use for Days, my podcast with Amanda Danells-Bewley. You should not see it as a process to be followed rigidly but instead, think of it as a starting point from which you can build your own process.

As podcasts go…

Using Notion to manage your podcast

If it’s just you, then keeping track of your podcast can be very simple. However, as you add hosts, guests, sponsors, and other additional factors, the information that you have to manage for each episode grows significantly. Handling multiple podcast episodes in different stages of production requires you to juggle a lot of information. A real project management solution is essential at that point.

I’m on my third podcast now and have released around 30 episodes in total at the time of writing. I’ve tried all sorts of technological solutions to the problem of organising all the information that surrounds…

Flames on Ilkley Moor, 22:28 on 20th April 2019

Ilkley Moor has been on fire this Easter weekend. Since I live about ten minutes walk away from the flames, I have been paying particular attention, and Twitter has proved a useful information source.

It was from Twitter that I learned that some men have been arrested in connection with the fires, and it was also from Twitter that I heard a story that some boys were having a camp fire that got out of control. …

Photo by Alex Dukhanov on Unsplash

First published on LinkedIn in September 2018

So, you’re planning to attend a meetup or event, and there’s a slot for lightning talks. Do you feel tempted?

The lightning (or flash) talk is a short but powerful format which can be used to convey significant and useful concepts in a very short time. If you’ve never spoken at an event before, it can be an ideal way to get into it — the risk is low, as the audience will be sympathetic and on your side, and you aren’t asking for a big chunk of their time.

Times vary for…

I’ve put some time into making a block diagram of the Moog Mother-32, with the intention of helping me get the most out of it. I get to indulge my inner technology architect, but also benefit from having a visual representation of all the connections. I offer it here as something potentially useful to other Mother-32 owners.

Some notes:

  1. Red lines indicate connections that exist in the box — they are what makes it semi-modular rather than modular.
  2. Solid lines indicate that audio signals are expected.
  3. Dotted lines indicate that control signals are expected.
  4. Similarly to the front panel convention…

July 24, 2015 / Ian Smith

The Challenge

This is the story of a 420 mile road trip between our home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and our family holiday in St Ives, Cornwall. It’s unexceptional, except that I did it in an electric car — our BMW i3 battery electric vehicle (BEV) which has a working range of about 80–90 miles in the summer. The i3 is a fantastic car, and we love it, but its limited range means that it is generally viewed as a car about town, rather than a long distance workhorse. …

Ian Smith

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